The Drone Inspections

It’s all about the people – our team includes experienced people from different generations and specializations. Our Drone Inspection team is focused on your needs. Our „Small Business“ Company allows to be able quickly reacts on behalf’s your wishes. On the other hand safety is priority all the time. Stability of your production process is guaranteed.

Typical applications are inspections of power plants, power lines, mining equipment, oil and gas rigs, refineries, Chemical factories and others.

The advantages of Drone inspection Servicies:
Immediate Mobilization
No risk for human personell
Fast process of data acquisition even in hard climatic conditions
Identification and evaluation of problematic places
Exchangable payloads (HD cam, Infra cam, Gas detecor, Lidar, Spectral cam,...)
Works are performed under the CAA rules
Inspection results are immediately available to the all members of the team
Economical solution comparing to traditional methods


  • oil platforms, refineries, mining equipment, chemical plants
  • high-rise buildings
  • high-voltage pylons
  • external technical equipment of transmitters
  • dangerous security activities
  • telecommunication towers
  • photovoltaic power plants
  • environmental inspections during natural disasters, typically floods, fires, or Oils pill liquidation
  • sport building survey


  • complex accidents
  • urban development plans of towns and villages
  • data for 3D models of town districts, etc.
  • Cultivated areas in the agriculture
  • large buildings
  • wildlife population


Our specialists create the detailed inspection report, which of course includes HD visual documentation. Report will show you current state of your assets in detail. It will help you plan the maintenance procedures precisely. The quality of our reports can be confirmed by our current customers. Quality of the reports is measured by customer satisfaction. We provide all the data immediately on site. We can provide reports in language you understand, English, Russian, Czech, Slovak or Spanish. Examples of the reports are confidential. so If you are interested in the reports, please contact us.

Report Examples