Our Equipment

Our Equipment

We are able to provide both aerial and underwater inspections. We use self-modified drones and planes controlled by pilots with 5 year experience. Various payload can be mounted, such as high quality camera, spectrometer, gas detector or thermo camera. We combine these data to detect facility defects on highly unavailable places, such as oil wells. Underwater vehicles (ROVs) are able to operate in 150 m or 2000 m depth. We use them to defect detection, ocean platform cleaning, cable maintenance, deep water salvage or construction support.


Quadrocopters Microdrone MD4-1000, and self modified copters
  • up to 70 minutes if air time
  • 1000 m flight radius (even more with Way-points)
  • operate in -40°C – 50°C
  • 1200 g payload – professional camera, various sensors, as listed bellow
  • wind tolerance 10 m/s for steady pictures
  • autonomous software for routine control


Experienced personnel - the right way to safe and quality work.  We have been working for many years and in many countries. We have recorded more than 700h Inspection flight hours. Our p...s

Supporting Equipment

Small ROV
  • Depth rating: 150 m
  • ROV Maximum speed: 4 kts
  • Depth sensor with accuracy 0.1 m (on-screen overlay, auto-depth mode)
  • 2x Color camera SONY Super HAD CCD 1/3", 600 TV Lines, 0.1 lux and surface module of color rendering control
  • Ultra...